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Monument Bradley Support

Closed 1.0.0

nice plugin thank you, this was what i'm searching for  
is it possible to make it work with Monument Bradley plugin. Tanks are spawning on monument, info on chat is that tier xx is spawned but all bradleys have that same - vanilla - HP 


it looks like only cosmo spawned bradley has HP as it should from tier x. Other monuments bradleys have vanilla hp

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it's not possible 😞


  "Can_Kill_NPC": false,
  "Custom Bradley Respawn Time In Minutes": 30,
  "FollowPathBack": true,
  "Monuments Bradley Health": {
    "Airfield": 1000.0,
    "Powerplant": 1000.0,
    "Trainyard": 1000.0,
    "WaterTreatment": 1000.0
  "Monuments Respawn Timer In Minutes": {
    "Airfield": 45,
    "Powerplant": 30,
    "Trainyard": 65,
    "WaterTreatment": 55
  "Monuments To Add Bradley": {
    "Airfield": true,
    "Powerplant": true,
    "Trainyard": true,
    "WaterTreatment": true
  "moveForceMax_250_To_2000": 650.0,
  "Path Button": "USE"

on launch site HP from tiers is ok, on other not ;/


ohh wait, i will try set it to "0" hmm

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Inside the MonumentBradley plugin search for the lines containing this and change it with // so the line is not used


and maybe ask for a support request on his plugin to be able to disable or enable crate spawns and HP


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after changing in config to "0" it works! thank you 😉

btw maybe you can add option

- rust rewards support - reward for each tier 

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