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not working

No Response 1.0.5

This mod is not working on my server at all. I set it for six days and nothing happens. I did a manual SAR and the bases doesn't destroy after 24 hours. I hape I didn't waste $30.00

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did you assign players a permission from Purge Settings in the config? this plugin will not work if no one has the permissions. it will not work if they have the wrong permission either

bases doesn't destroy after 24 hours? are you talking about a base becoming abandoned after 24 hours of inactivity, or the abandoned base being destroyed after it becomes raidable? 

I will check it out and make sure it is working properly just in case. read the documentation and make sure you didn't miss anything.

don't make baseless comments about wasting your money. it's extremely annoying. i help everyone thank you very much

post your config

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