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BotSpawn/Plagued Murderers Loot

Closed 2.1.6

Hey all.  So im running BotSpawn and its been going well and have i since added Plagued Murderers so i can add and update weapons and skins which works but the loot now always drops some type of zombie type clothing, shirts,boots,pants.  I have not edited anything for Botspawn besides true to spawn and how many i want.  I left Plagued Murderers as default besides adding some melee weapons.  I cant for the life of me figure out how to stop the zombies from dropping those items.  Can someone please help??


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Murderers spawned by BotSpawn are given the Scarecrow attire by default if you don't specify any kits.
If yours are getting shirt/boots/pants then I guess you must be giving them Kits?

Either way, each BotSpawn profile has options to Wipe_Belt and/or Wipe_Clothing upon death.
They're both a percentage chance so if you set
Wipe_Clothing_Percent to 100 then when your npcs die their clothing should not be available as loot.

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Thanks so much for the reply on this and i love the plugins!  So the Murderers are not spawning at all even with the settings on "true" but the scarecrow are.  They have the default skin ( and some are just naked with a sash ) which is the suit they wear but if killed, when i loot they have random items which is fine but then also have zombie type clothing in the loot also.  I have attached the screen shot on what the loot looks like.

Both plugins are all set to default settings besides the spawn amount and where to spawn.  This is an attached of what the loot looks like.

Thank you again for the help on this.


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BotSpawn doesn't spawn Scarecrows but it does give the Scarecrow attire to its murderers as a default loadout,
since they would spawn naked by default.

None of them should be able to spawn naked now, unless Keep_Default_Loadout is false and the kit you're giving them has no clothes in it.


Put simply, if you're trying to dress these npcs yourself, make sure you're giving them a valid kit and make sure that kit has clothing in the inventory portion.
In addition, set Keep_Default_Loadout to false for that profile.




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So im still having an issue with this..  The loot when I kill a zombie/murderer is from the above screen shot.  I have not enabled any loot or custom loot or kits for them.

This just seems to be an issue when I have BotSpawn and Plagued Murderers enabled.  If i disable plagued it works fine and i get the default loot without any clothing to loot from the dead bodies.  If i enable it again then i get the default loot from rust as well as zombie type clothing that i can loot which im trying to stop that from being lootable.

If i change those to 0 it gives me the options to loot more which I don't want. I just want it to stop dropping zombie type boots, hoodies, pants or anything else besides the regulator rust loot.

"Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100,
      "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100,
      "Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100,

This is only an issue with the zombie/murderer.  If i kill a scarecrow that gives me the loot which is like a fuse, rope and corn or whatever the random loot is.  It doesnt drop any type of zombie clothing that can be looted.  Does that make sense?  Sorry if im not explaining it well.

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Oh, ok.

If it's as simple as Plagued loaded - Issue....Plagued unloaded - No issue,
then you're talking to the wrong guy. 😉

Most likely plagued is affecting all murderers on the map - That would make sense.

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