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AdminDeepcover failure

No Response 2.0.4

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What are you hoping for/expecting?

There's currently no relationship between these two plugins.


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I'm just going thru the code now.

maybe  a tie in with at least one  admin aliasing plugin would be helpful...

Even if it was integral to this actual plugin.

I'm not going to make a load of demands on something that is supplied for "free"



1. A little on what it does not work with (like saying any sort of  Admin aliasing is not covered)

2. A bit more clarity on the sql, like the setup.. actually requires the schema to be created (not mentioned or maybe I missed it)

3. There is a save bug, where it says the data is saved, but actually the SQL is throwing errors (no schema) on newly installed plugin

I'm sure  i remember seeing more data before it moved sites...


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1: I'm not sure what you're looking for, regarding admin plugins.
Do you want PlayerRanks to hide player stats when "allowadmin" is false and someone is using a plugin to mask their admin status?

2: Overview states that SQL databases are "created on the first save, whether automatic or manually with command /pr save"

3: If it's throwing errors either your credentials are wrong in config or your sql server isn't setup to accept requests from the game server IP.


I'm pretty sure the overview is a copy/paste from previous hosts, with updates for any changes in the plugin.

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The only thing that would be really cool, would be to remove the dependence on  the  SQL

"REPLACE INTO"   and get it more inline with " select for update / "insert", which would then open up the database a lot more.

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What do you mean 'open the database up'?

I use Replace Into so I don't have to read the table to check if an entry exists or not.

I think with update/insert, I'd have to read to ascertain whether or not a record exists, then choose which command to use,
whereas Replace Into does it in one write.

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Hi again,

Re-reading your posts, SQL is completely optional.

The save bug isn't a bug. Data is saved locally and also saved to SQL if you've enabled that.
Even if SQL fails for any reason, local dave still saves and is reported in console.

If it specifically says that SQL save is complete but SQL save was not successful then that's an issue, but I don't think it does.


I'm adding a permission in the next version to allow people to use chat command `/pr optout`.
This command toggles opt-out true/false, allowing or preventing a user's stats from showing in public displays.
The optout value, just like admin, is saved to SQL table, so anyone publishing web-stats can use it as a filter there too.

You could give this permission to your faux-admins to let them opt out of the public tables + chat output.

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