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bots spawned on 0, 0, 0,

Closed 2.1.6

Good morning.

I have been looking into a problem i have for a solid 2 months. As i still havent found a solution, i'm going to ask it here. The issue is that some of the NPC i assigned to a monument are not spawning there, but in the middle of the map. 

Could i have been overlooking something or did i missed some setting? ( we are talking here about a custom map build with the use of npc spawners and this plugin. ) 

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Are you certain that the npcs at 0,0,0 are BotSpawn npcs?

If so, do you know what profile they are from?
Does that profile have UseCustomSpawns true, or false?
If true, have you added custom spawn points and confirmed that they are where you think they are?

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hello there. 


yes, if i load up the map in the editor, i come on the same spot as where the npc are ingame. There are no custom spawns on that mountain... i might have mistyped the main issue here, my apologies. its not 0,0,0 but it does spawns in the middle of the map. 

The custom spawns is set to false, they should be hanging out on monuments during night time ( for server rewards being x3 for cash during night time ) but at day, they only hang around on the launch site. They do walk there, but for some reason they also end up in the middle of the map. 

The custom spawns for NPC itself from the editor however is used, but on other locations then where these npc are hanging out. They use the FBI kit.


Everything else looks perfectly fine and works fine.

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When you see npcs in the location you're not expecting to see them, do bots.count in console and screenshot or note the populations per server,
then do oxide.unload BotSpawn and watch to see if they vanish, to confirm 100% that they are BotSpawn npcs.


If they are BotSpawn npcs, at least you now have a list of possible profiles that they are from.

Next thing to do is figure out if they are spawning in the wrong place, or walking to that place over time.
Reload BotSpawn, stay there, and set the server time to day, or night - whichever that profile needs.

You can reference bots.count repeatedly to make sure they've spawned, if you don't see them.

That ^ should tell you if they spawn in the wrong place, or they are walking there.

If they're spawning there, ensure that UseCustomSpawns is false for that profile, go to the correct location, and do /botspawn move <profilename>.
reload BotSpawn and test.

That will rule out the profile's location being in the wrong place by mistake.
Also ensure that the profile's spawn radius isn't larger than it needs to be. Try something small-ish like 40 or 50 for testing.

If they were spawning in the right place but wondering off to somewhere unusual, check their roam radius and their aggro/deaggro settings.
Keeping these reasonably tight should keep the npcs in the areas you want them.

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i have found the problem. it seems that i had overseen the custom spawns option indeed. Gotta have to look better next time. if i do can be honest, its a bit confusing depending on the config for the botspawns. Any future plans on a GUI by any chance? 

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