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I keep getting this error and getting disconnected from my test server whenever I have this prefab. Any ideas why this is happening?

Server Exception: Player Update
MissingFieldException: Field 'ProtoBuf.CardTable/TexasHoldEm.flopCards' not found.
**************/7656119*********/Darko disconnecting: Entities Out Of Order: expected 5170, received 5171
Darko[7************] was killed by fall!

I have verified all my game files and connect to all other servers just fine. I have updated my oxide and rustedit extension etc.

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Hello, SlayersRust.

This error did not occur on several servers with an online 100+. No other prefabs are installed on the server map? When reinstalling the map, did you change the name of the map/delete its previous saves from the server folder/client folder?

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