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Blocking zombies spawning in zones

Closed 1.0.0 1.1.4

is there a wy to block zombies spawning in a certain zone? They are spawning inside our arena and the arena plugin stops you killing them so they are super annoying. 

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okies thanks I'll keep an eye out for the update as we have had to uninstall this for now. Arena works with zone manager so if we can just exclude via zone manager this would be perfect. 

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testing the zones (never used zones so its a little puzzle for me)
so far i have it to block spawns in 1 zone (but i think users like to have it blocked in multiple zones (id's) if needed)
Ill keep u posted 🙂

extra progress so far


    "Suicide block": false,
    "Zone block": true,
    "Zone ID": 29190840


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