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Issue moving from 1.6.6 to Premium 2.0.4

Closed 2.0.4

Hi @nivex

I have been using 1.6.6 for while which was working really well.  I and my players really enjoy the mod so i figured i'd spring the $50 and get the premium 2.0.4.

I have an issue with this however.  I have easy only bases set to spawn every 10 - 20 seconds for testing purposes but when they do, they spawn with no npc's, no dome and no notification.  I do have the below set :

"Spawn Silently (No Notifcation, No Dome, No Map Marker)": false,

 I also notice that they have no borders on the icon despite have colours set. All i see is the vending/debris icon.

 "Difficulty Colors (Inner)": {
        "Easy": "00FF00",
        "Medium": "FFEB04",
        "Hard": "FF0000",
        "Expert": "0000FF",
        "Nightmare": "000000"

Other things i have noted:

  • Spawned bases do not despawn upon command /rbe despwan although i do get the chat notification saying it is despawning.
  • Bases are indestructible even though I have: (i also run TruePVE)
"Building Blocks Are Immune To Damage": false,

What i have tried so far:

  • Created a local test server that is a exact copy of my live one
  • Completely removed 1.6.6 and all associated folders and files, restarted the server so all latest files/folders are regenerated.
  • Set up simple loot table for easy only (as this i am only using this profile while i test)
  • Disabled all other plugins except RB and Copy/Paste and rebooted. I have also tried both with and without TruePVE (with true PVE the turrets do not target me)

It almost seems like the zone isn't generating correctly for me maybe???

My configs for the mod, easy profile and easy loot attached. Any help you can give here would be great. It's most likely something i have overlooked.RaidableBases.json EasyBases.json EasyBases.json

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