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Various Suggestions and Problems

Closed 1.6.8 1.8.0


i have recently bought your Plugin and i am figuring a Cash System out on my Server.

But i have run into some problems with it:

1. The ATMS can be damaged by Players. Could you make them invincible ?
2. Players could interact with the Vending System as it is a vending machine and could Change Shop name or even place in Items if not placed properly.
3. Could you add a possibility to manually give them a fixed Spawnpoint at monuments that i can save. So i do not have to place them manually every wipe.
4. Is there a possibility to let players transfer money between their bank accounts ?
5. Is there a possibility to give the ATM a special Symbol on the map hence draw a little circle with a customizable color at its position ?
6. is there a possibility to let players check their bankaccount with a comman ?
7. Where do i find the Special ATM Skin u used in your videos ? The small ATM.
8. Is it possible to add another Bankaccount for people to transfer money too ? For example for events like who is the richest Player of the wipe/week/month ?
9. Is there a possibility to make an Admin UI where i can see the balances of all players to detect exploits if someone has an odd balance ?

Thanky ou for your answers!

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1. You can use ZoneManager and simply set undestr true, ATMs was supposed to be at safezones, atleast that was my vision for it. Anyway Im adding this on my list for next update.
2. Im not able replicate this issue, spawned vending machine has disabled default interaction. Only what I can see as issue is, players can rotate vending machine outside of safezone but still they are not able access administration menu for vending machine. I will sort problem with rotation in next update.  Edit: I see now, issue occours when players hold E while vending machine is not in safezone. That can be solved with placing TC behind vending machine for now. I will 100% look into some solutions.
3. Not planned any time soon. 
4. https://umod.org/plugins/economics
5. Possibly in next major update.
6. https://umod.org/plugins/economics
7. Thats prefab spawned with RustEdit
8. Not planned
9. Not planned 

Edited by David.

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