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High Hook Timea

Closed 1.0.5

Im having SUPER high hook times... RustAdmin is saying that this addons hook time is +90s... keep in mind AlohaLoots hook time is only about 20s... even BotReSpawn is only 3s-5s

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Hi, this is due to the work of the features of the plugin, the more players and drones on the server, the longer the hook time will be, if I understood you correctly

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So how does this addon have higher hook times then even BotReSpawn? And I have a ton more NPCs with im pretty sure more logic? Also a server with 0 players online in the past 12 hr still had hook times of 92.12s according to RA. This addon had hook times 4 to 5x higher then even the next addon... just seems silly high for some drones that fly and drop grenades.

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