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Not a Bug 1.4

im going to come across as a noob can you show me how the command will look in the config please "Custom Command 1": 0,

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ok so custom commands works like a console command....

so lets say you have a plugin called gifts (all makebelive now) and in gifts you have a console command that looks like this


gift <player> <gift>


so this command has 2 arguments . so in noob terms

gift nooblet c4

so command name first space then player name/ID then gift to give .....

in this plugin there are argument placeholders that you can find in discription ....


lets take a normal rust command  ..... give a player an c4


inventory.giveto “player name” “short name” “amount”     (from https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-give-command/)


so your config should have this as command

inventory.giveto {playername} “c4” “1”   



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or lets say you have timed permission . and want to grant a player a rank for a time


addgroup {playerid} vip 30d


so it depends what you want to do with custom command


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