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lag when boss killed

Closed 2.0.4

Hey do you have an idea why my server lags everytime someone kill the boss? its after new patch probably. I have beast dedicated machine. any idea? thanks a lot

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So far we have had a few instances of this but have not found a culprit yet @Ondraasek.

What do you use for loot tables on your server? Wondering if I might be on my way to the common denominator.

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Hey this is my loot table attached. I played with that and everytime when I change loot to 1 - own, so it lags after kill.

others not

thanks for advise


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Can you confirm your version of BossMonster and of NpcSpawn please @Ondraasek

Check those for me real quick and we will sort it out.

Do you have loot table plugins? If so what do you use?

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Hi, I have tested this on my server now. You have set the probability of each item in the configuration to 0%, so no item can appear inside the boss


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