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separate bot profiles

Pending 2.1.5

is it possible to create lets say multiple murderer or scientist profile for one area? lets say launch site i want a slow zombie, fast zombie, scienst with big damage but low life, long range  but low life, etc


also, does the plugin affect how turrets interact with animals? just checking. thanks 

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Yes, you can go to the desired location and use the /botspawn add <profilename> chat command to add a new profile.
If you then set Parent_Monument for that new profile, in the customprofiles data file, to the name of a default profile "Launch Site 0", for example, 
and reload BotSpawn, that new custom profile will automatically relocate after map changes, so that the profile always appears in the correct place relative to the specified monument.

The Parent_Monument name must be exactly as it appears in the defaultprofiles json.

The same is true if you choose to use custom spawn points with your new custum profile(s), but Parent_Monument must be set, and the plugin reloaded, before adding custom spawn points.


"also, does the plugin affect how turrets interact with animals?"
No, I don't believe so.

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