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No damage

Pending 2.6.7


I have a lot of requests this month about players can't deal damage to their RB. Mostly it's all about BuyRaids.

I checked if they had cooldown (nope) and tried to assign manual owner (not helped) or reassign etc

The problem is going away it self but it is looks like some glitch with cooldowns for raids.

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hey bud, sorry about this. its been a difficult bug to track down. i do believe you can type /rbe expire nivex to fix the issue until the next update which should permanently fix it:)

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/rbe expire nivex

This looks like the termination of subscription xD joking

can you clarify if this chat command line can be used remotely or I need to be connected on server each time? or it's not used every time it happens and I need to use it once and it will be permanently fixed until next update? 🙂

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you can type it in server console or f1 game console with: rbe expire nivex

and in game chat with /rbe expire nivex

you can specify a steam id too

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