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Map update

Closed 1.0.5

Not sure how to update a map that's already actively being used! do i just stop the server then upload the updated map thru the ftp and let it override? And the update want mess with any players bases or anything else will it?Thanks

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theres 2 ways to update a map, the safest way is to do a fresh wipe so if you have something like backpacks for a plugin just make them bag everything they can carry and reload the server with a new save. the other you will wanna go look up a guide but you can rename the old save to the new map, this is tricky and can cause some things to break so its not recomended but is possible

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I'll have to wait then My server only wipes monthly, there's no way to catch all the players online to tell them to load there items and reset the map, i'll just update it and put it back in wipe cycle for next time use, thanks

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