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Scrap bug

Closed 1.2.9

Something is off with the perk that auto picks up loot when you smash a barrel. Everything picks up fine except for loot. You can see in the pic it is there with like a refresh image on top of it. If I drop that and pick it back up though, it is fine. Just a little annoying to do as it takes up a slot until you do that. Every other item thus far has been fine, it only happens with the scrap.


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Hey mate I have only seen this happen once on a server I played on, which has the exact same issue.

The only notable thing about the server is that it had a ridiculous amount of plugins and really poor server performance (15 server frames a second).

Not sure if it was one of the other 150 plugins conflicting with it, or it the server just couldn't keep up with everything running that causes this weird bug.

Ive even asked other devs if there is something I am doing wrong with the handling of the method, but they all say it looks fine so I am at a loss.

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Odd. And it only affects the scrap, nothing else. We do run a lot of plugins but the server performance is not an issue. It is locked at 30FPS (standard) and never dips below that. I could raise that FPS but it doesnt really have an impact on the game for the player but does use a lot more CPU power on the server. I was really hoping it was a simple bug that could be fixed by maybe adding the skinid for scrap or something. 


Server is a full dedicated box, we use all the resources for ourselves, it is not shared. I rent it from NFOservers and they dont skimp on hardware. 


E-2288G:An eight-core monster with 64 GB memory, dual NVMe SSDs, Intel P630 graphics, and a very high all-core turbo speed

Intel Xeon E-2288G processor (eight physical cores with a 3.7GHz base, 5.0GHz full turbo and 4.7GHz all-core turbo)

64 GB DDR4-2666 ECC memory 2 x 1000 GB NVMe SSDs

Windows 2019 Server

I have attached a list of plugins, but it scrolls off in the image. Not sure if that helps at all. 


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The issue is that I have never had access to a server that has the big. Would you mind trying to unload all plugins except for skill tree and it's dependencies and see if the issue persists? Would be a good starting point.

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Ok so I did as you asked and have found the answer.  😇

Your plugin is fine when it is running by itself. I unloaded all, then loaded ImageLibrary, and went from there loading one plugin in at a time. Starting with the top of the list at 'A'. What a PAIN IN THE ASS!! I was running out of plugins and thought I was doing something wrong. THEN I found the plugin causing the conflict. It is called XDStatistics. So of course it was one of the last plugnis I tested.  😬

Nonetheless, I can say with 100% certainty that this plugin is causing the conflict with yours. When it is running, I get that bug. When it is unloaded, everything works fine.


Not sure where to go from here though. Alone both plugins are fine, the issue is not until they are both running at the same time. So who do I ask for help to resolve this?

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Really strange.
If you don't have the loot magnet perk and smash a barrel/pick up the loot; does the scrap still have the same problem, or is it only with the loot magnet perk active?


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I queried this with another customer and he sent me some snippets of XDStatistics that is causing the issue. I have sent them to DezLife to fix.

Is all in his hands now.

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Thank you! So glad to see it is being resolved. I really like both plugins.  🙂

Also glad I was able to figure out where the conflict was...

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