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Crops in planter

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It seems that some of my players tend to have issues when they plant berries and cloth and picking it up is there a fix to it as the server is a 10x and the gather rates specified within /loottables for those collectable crops are set to 10x is there a way I can make it so that the planted crops are 10x as well


Thank you for your time, this is one of the best loottable plugins out there !!



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No at the moment there is no option for growable plants to change their yield. I will add this functionality with a future update

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Would you know if this will be implemented by this wipe night? It's the only thing that's stopping me from being able to use the plugin. We get a lot of berry farmers. 🙂

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I normaly leave it to vanila gather and I install gather manager (umod) only for the collectable cloths and berries corns and pumkins. That can be a nice alternative. also make sure in gather manager everything else is x1 as if i have x2 stone from gather manager and x2 stone from loottables it adds up to x4.. Hope that helps for now untill there is a new release of Loottable taking into count the farmable crops. Thanks for all the work The_Kiiiing cant wait to try out the new update of Loottable on forcewipe. ❤️

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