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bradley not working for me

Closed 2.1.3

Not sure if this is working right for me, i don't see the bradleys heath change when I use radar coomand it still says he has 1000hp but the plugin is set to 2000hp, i am using a custom map but it has the stock Bradley on it and its at the stock launch site too, any ideas?



  "Spawn checks Custom Maps (Use this only when bradley does not spawn correctly on custom maps!!!": {

    "Respawn check (Use rustedit for Custom locations": true,

    "Respawn check (Vanilla Launchsite)": true,

    "Respawn check (Launchsite) each x Minutes": 15.0,

    "Respawn check (all Custom locations) each x Minutes": 15.0


  "Cooldowns": {

    "use cooldown between Bradley Kills": true,

    "Show Gametip on bradleycooldown command": false,

    "cooldown between Bradley kills (minutes)": 75


  "Avoid BradleyOptions override settings for other plugins": {

    "Using Only BradleyOptions": true,

    "Using BradleyGuards/ParaTroopers (Umod)": false,

    "Using BradleyGuards (Codefling)": false


  "Spawn checks Vanilla Maps (use this only when you are using just the Launchsite!!!": {

    "Respawn Use (Launchsite Bradley ,use only when spawn checks are disabled)": false,

    "Min respawn time (minutes)": 60.0,

    "Max respawn time (minutes)": 75.0


  "Bradley Settings": {

    "Enabled (will not spawn when false)": true,

    "Change Health (If only using BradleyOptions)": true,

    "Health": 2000,

    "Max Fire Range": 100,

    "Throttle Responce": 1.0,

    "Hostile timer": 20.0,

    "Ignores sleepers": true,

    "Ignores admins": false


  "Bradley Loot": {

    "Max crates after kill": 4,

    "Remove Napalm": false,

    "Remove Gibs": false,

    "Instantly unlock crates": false


  "Bradley Canon": {

    "Canon Fire delay": 0.2,

    "Canon Firerate": 0.5


  "Bradley Machinegun": {

    "Machinegun Bullet Damage": 25,

    "Machinegun Firerate": 0.06667,

    "Machinegun Burst Duration": 15



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This would change the hp of the new spawned bradleys if plugin is loaded this would not change the hp of the allready spawned bradley 

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