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Probability explanation

Closed 1.3.6

Would you be able to give a little explanation on the probability and how it relates to other items? 

For example, if I set the probability of an item to 0.5, how does that relate to the rest of loot chances? 

If you could, I think an explanation on the logic behind how loot is chose entirely would be very helpful (unless this is more of a question for Nivex and not you). 

Basically, how I decide what (and stacks/quanity) goes into the loot tables will depend on a few factors like how the loot is chosen, how I can make things more/less likely, etc. 

Again, if this is a Nivex question, I'll ask over there. I appreciate your time and I love this app! Thank you so much!

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Yeah unfortunately that would be better directed to nivex or anyone who has good enough experience with it maybe in RB discussions.

Wish I could clarify but I personally don't have experience using it.

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