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Love all the new Monument Sites!

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I would LOVE to have a lot of these on my servers. Question......Are these JUST for the Map Builder guys? Or can I. As just a server owner. Can I add this to my server and it goes in and places itself, like a Plugin Would? I want these but am Unclear as to whether I can use them...Or are these only for the Map Builder guys? Would you let me know please......Thank you. This has been fun education for me. Thanks


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You will need a program called RustEdit. This allows you to load the current procedural (or custom) map. You then drag the monument to your map, click a few buttons, do a small amount of terrain checking then save your map and re-upload to your server. You also need on your server the RustEdit DLL file and most hosts now provide this. I know i am making this sound very simple but take some time to investigate the community, some discords will give you a more in depth idea

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