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no drone

Pending 0.43

it worked before the update.

now when you click buy seed it will take your money but no drone will come

normally when you click to buy the screen goes away and the drone will come 
now I'm just looking at the buy screen 

no errors what so ever 

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im seeing the same, only just bought this one thinking it was something i hadnt done!


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none at all, I guess if works fine in your test server? 

I just bought it and it doesn't work, you order on the site then nothing, money taken but no screen that shows things are on there way to you it stops at that point 

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i actually got this working today, seems its broken with using server rewards, it only works with Scrap now

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@smudge41try the latest version its working for me using server rewards and economics too. I suggest you to use economics plugin if you really want to implement money system in your server.

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