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Event doesn't END when all crates are looted

Closed 2.0.9

How do we make the event end and start over when players finish? Because the event stays up until the timer runs out.

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To be honest my initial response would be to try reducing the timer. Would that potentially work? Some events have a longer timer than necessary in some opinion but that would be my initial suggestion. Then have a short window to begin again if you like for it to run often.

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I have the timer set to 69999 because I want it to always be active until someone completes it. I thought the event ends when all the crates get looted/npc's killed, because that's how most of my other event plugins work. I don't want players to have to stare at chat to see when the event will begin, or have to rush and get ready for the event, because it's starting soon. I want it to stay on so anyone do the event whenever they feel like it. I only want "Time between events" setting, so I can give players time to loot everything before the event starts again.

Thank you @Jbird

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Being discussed @Covfefe really there are simpler ways if you're asking me haha. But yes I get where you are coming from and only need to confirm this and go through the library to consider this suggestion in regards to all events. Can this be achieved with all in case it might be desired again by others. We are looking into and considering this especially once I've had a chance to test it myself likely tonight to confirm that there is no other way to trigger the end of the event. Sometimes it's hard to really be confident without going and running the event myself.

Stay tuned and thank you for the suggestion.

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