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Turrets NOT on

Can't Reproduce 1.0.3

If the event runs more then 1 time in a restart the turrets dont spawn on.... I have this event run every 2ish hours and the first time after a restart the addon works great and gives players a run for there money... however if the event runs again in the same restart the turrets will spawn but wont power on.

Only change from default .cs I made was to change the turret weapon from AK to M249

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Hey, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Do you see any errors being thrown in the console when this happens?

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Hi, can you please check if you have any other plugins that may be conflicting? I've tested this is working normally so another plugin may be causing conflict. Any plugins you have around power control or turrets could be causing issues. Feel free to send me a DM if you need help tracking it down.

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@CupsOhJoe Yeah, I'm fairly certain it's another plugin conflicting. I just haven't been able to get anyone to test removing other potential conflicting plugins to see which it is. Would you be able to test that if you are experiencing the same?

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