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Suggestions - Adding items with broken durability - chance to get the max item or higher number

Closed 1.0.21

1. suggestion

It would be a nice feature to add durability to items. for example adding durability 1-100% .  if i added a item with 100% spawn chance and a 5% durability meaning the item would be almost broken


2. suggestion

also when adding items to the loottable that has min and max. for example take min 1 max 2 and it has a 100% to spawn. within that item it would be nice to have for example getting the max amount this case 2 and change it to 5% drop, meaning you would get just 1 item most of the time but when lucky 2. instead of having the 50/50 if you get what i mean

3. suggestion 

Having a custom % for a bp to spawn in the crate only takes one of the items that are inside the loottable of that crate

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Thank you for your suggestions. I am actually working on support for item durability and blueprints. The update will be released in a few days

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