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Np npc spawns

Closed 1.4.7

Hi there.


There are no more npc's that spawning when you create a bank. Normally, when placed the npc's with the command /guard create [name] they should pop up when reloading the bank, but for some reason they wont.

As i noticed someone else having this issue a month ago, would it mean that not many users are using the plugin. Glady, my players asked for this month to have a bank again, so that i'm able to provide you with the needed information.


  1. Skin on garage door ( default one u have in config example ) gets timed out.
  2. NPC's wont spawn. ( Assuming due to betternpc or npcspawn conflicting somehow )
  3. When unloading plugin, used items such as the hackable crate and garage door wont despawn ( killed on unload ) 


Suggestions to add with the plugin ( from my players )

  1. Possible to add support for the pvemode plugin. ?
  2. Possible chance on additional backup with NPC's when raiding the bank.

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A rewrite of the plugin is coming soon with new features, one of which is extra waves.

You're welcome to try out a potential fix for the ai not spawning, drop me a message on the codefling discord, it requires a full removal of the lang, config and data file.

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hey bud. 


Thankyou for your offer on trying out the newer version of the plugin. I'm however not on the codefling discord i'm afraid. 

We will kindly wait untill a new release is released. Good luck!


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