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Loot Wont spawn

Closed 2.6.7

Hi Nivex.
I have a strange problem.
I built a new raidbase for Nightmare difficulty, but i cant get the loot to spawn.
Im already running Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert bases without any problems.

When I reload RaidableBases it finds the baseloot and difficulty loot files and loads it, but nothing spawns when the base paste in.
Baseloot, Difficulty loot and Profile validates fine in a json validator.

Do u mind looking into it and see if you figure out what the problem is?
Attatched the Nightmare Profile config.


Nightmare Bases.json

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Thanks for the reply. I will give it a shot.
Another thing..... could you add support so spooky speakers turn on automaticly?
Base ive made is kinda creepy  with spiderwebs and smoke......
Tried to add a spooky speaker, but its silent.

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[RaidableBases] nightmare01 @ Z12 : 150 items   

That worked like a charm. Thanks alot man!
Been ripping my hair off all day

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