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Request: Precise Base Spawning (spawns where you aim, but must be clear of stuff)

Pending 2.6.7

One of my biggest recurring issues is I run out of space on the map to find any spawn points, so then I enable river spawning, then road, etc until I run out of options but to fly around the map making dozens of custom spawn points, but then I run into the issue of players not knowingly building on top of those spawn points and then the plugin will eventually spawn a base into the player's base (I thought the checks prevented this? or does it not for spawns database?)

How about another method of spawning similar to /rbe spawn (difficulty) where it spawns where you're aiming, but since this will be for players, it will also have configurable checks for TC and unowned building entities within a set range? (so players can't abuse the raid bubble to damage other player's bases or events)

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i guess the first question would be how many potential points are there on your grid when it loads currently?

having Player Cupboard Detection Radius set too low will cause bases to spawn/overlap into player bases. it is 125 by default. increase it if need be

Ignore Safe Checks and Ignore Safe Checks In X Radius Only will bypass this check and can definitely allow it to happen

Ignore Player Entities At Custom Spawn Locations can also pose problems if not used ideally

Prevent Building Until Base Spawns is your best option to prevent players from building in custom spawn points

all other settings should be set in the profiles instead of the config if using Prevent Building Until Base Spawns

what you're requesting is a command that would be better suited its own plugin given how complex it would need to be in order to prevent all of the potential issues with it. it is possible, and I do have plans to make extensions for the plugin, but I don't know when that'll happen

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what exactly does Prevent Building Until Base Spawns mean? it doesn't allow players to build in that spot until a raid base is spawned?

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yup 😃 it removes the need to put zone manager zones with no build in raid bases custom spawn points. so that allows people to delete zonemanager if thats all they were using it for. its built in now to raid bases with that option.

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Do I also need to input the spawns database file name in the difficulty profiles or will the main config suffice?

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as mentioned before, it should be in the profile. i wouldn't put it in the config. profiles are more advanced whereas the config is a general use

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