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UI keeps vanishing... requires /h setup to reset it?

Pending 2.1.14

Hi @AhigaO,


Since I updated to 2.1.14, I am seeing an issue where the UI disappears if I run 'o.reload Hud'. In order to get the UI to reappear, I have to...

  1. Type /h setup
  2. Change a parameter (even if I change it to what exists today) such as Hud position, transparency... 
  3. Close the setup UI.

While this fixes the issue, it's disappearing every time there's a scheduled update/restart OR the plugin is reloaded. Any idea what's causing this?





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I think I just figured it out... didn't have the use permission set. correctly -- please ignore (unless that's not my issue and you know it's something else).

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I was wrong... setting/granting the permission via PermissionManager did not fix the issue. It's odd; I have the same configuration an another server and that one works. They are on different hosts, but the plugin setup is slightly different. I messaged you with my config file as well as a listing of the differences in plugins. If you want more info, please let me know.

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I had a copy of Hud v2.1.12 in a backup and rolled back to it. This fixed the problem of Hud not displaying, so it might have something to do with changes between it and v2.1.14, when I first experienced the issue. 

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