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bot doesn't take off

Closed 0.0.3

i tried unloading all minicopter/flying related plugins, restarted the server, disabled this plugin and only left personalnpc plugin on, but the bot still doesn't sit in any vehicle i get into

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Also tried deleting my config and starting all over, and the bot still doesn't sit in vehicles with me

It doesn't matter if I'm the pilot or passenger


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Yes I turned everything off, reloaded PNPCAddonHeli and it still doesn't take off, BUT if I switch seats and spin the helicopter blades then quickly get back into passenger seat, the bot will take off, but will stop flying after 1-2 seconds.


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It worked instantly today when I first joined my server, but didn't work anymore after it landed. Are you able to have your bot fly, land, get out, get back on, make another map marker and take off again?

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Did some more testing and figured out the issue! Only minicopters spawned with /mymini (spawnmini.cs) plugin will work. If I spawn a minicopter entity it won't. It might work the first time after you join the server, but it won't work again after that. Has to be a minicopter from the spawnmini plugin


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