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Separate reward for normal air drops from player called air drops

Not a Bug 2.2.73

I'd like to be able to get players to compete more for "natural" air drops, including either massdropped via FancyDrop or AutomatedEvents. To do this I'd like the drops generated by thrown supply signals to generate less or no RP, while the natural ones generated a high value so it's worth players time to fight over them just for the RP, let alone what's inside them.

Is this possible? And is it something you'd do?  😉


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I hear what you are saying.  Throwing a signal is its own reward.  Lets just say we try do this.  It means having to tag and track each airdrop depending on spawn source.  It also means tracking who loots in (assuming only the first looter gets the rp?)  If you allow more than one looter to get RP they will get RP farmed by large zergs...  Add to that servers can have multiple concurrent drops all needing to be tracked.

Honestly this really only applies in PvP, and is a non-trivial code change.  I will add it to the the list of possible future features but will not commit to it at this time.

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Thanks for replying, I understand completely. I learned a long time ago that if you don't ask you don't get. 🙂

Oh well, thanks for your time.

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