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Limiting Convoy to the Ring Road

Closed 1.2.91

Hi, could you have an option to limit TrafficDrivers to the outside ring road? 

i find too many cars get stuck against things when turning around at the end of inner map roads.

its ok if they have no loot.. but some of mine have loot, and are too easy when driving against a bus stop.


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Ok ill get a screenshot tonight when im home.

Its the large thicker circle road that only appears on large maps, like on 4500 maps

It is a ring that other roads join on to. 

I think its always road[0]. 


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this is a 4000 map, im not sure what the minumum size is for the Ring Road to appear. its supposed to be 3000 but ive tried a few and none appeared.

the Ring Road is a separate road from the rest. https://www.rustafied.com/updates/2020/2/6/ring-road-ho

its a singular continous large ring road that circles the island. its larger/thicker than the other roads on the map.

heres the whole island, 


all roads that join the Ring Road are thinner on the map


the Ring Road has painted lines on the road


other roads join onto the ring road. 

a couple months ago, i used to be able to limit TrafficDrivers to 'road[0]' that would limit them to the ring road. but it doesnt work anymore, im not sure what the change was.. but it was always road[0]

i imagine on a small map, road[0] could be anywhere.. but if you are using a large map, then an option to limit to road[0] would be awesome

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ok it's more clear now
so, you want to remove traffic drivers from ring road and let them drive only outside of it, or u wanna just limit amount of vehicles outside the ring road?

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i would like TrafficDrivers to be limited to the Ring Road only. 

They work really well when on the open road, they dont have to stop or turn around.. they just keep driving.

TrafficDrivers arent good at other roads where they have to turn around at the end. They get stuck a lot, on bus stops, trees, power boxes, walls etc.. no good if they have loot.

(on my map, i have convoy on all other roads, that works because it doesnt turn around.. it just flips reverse and carries on)


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Does the width actuality mean length?

Im just remembering maybe is wrong? You saying 3000 makes me think it must be length. 

Can you correct this please. I would have used this instead of making this ticket. 

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