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Radtown barrels not using edited table

Closed 1.0.20

Hi! Using this plugin my Radtown Barrels are not producing the correct loot and are still Vanilla. I have gone ahead and restarted my server as well as checked oxide and refreshed the loottable manually. Any help is appreciated

   Very Respectfully

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As far as i know i have. loot on the road and outside of monuments is consistently correct. however on zipline structure and in monuments the barrel loot does not always follow the set loottable. i have reloaded the plugin, as well as refreshed loot. 

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Can you please tell me the prefab name of the barrels that are not using the correct loot table. You can find out the name by pointing RemoverTool at the barrel. Is this happening in all radtowns?

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so the barrels are just the regular loot-barrel-1 id 0 .. loot-barrel-2 id 0.. 

i unloaded all my other plugins but it still seems to be happening. not sure why

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