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Not using Fuel

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I have everything about 90% correct, however neither the quarry nor the pumpjack are using any fuel beyond the first tick.

They use 1 unit of fuel, then none, however they continue to produce material in the output.

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can u show config of this quarry? 
maybe u disabled custom resource production? by default player's quarries use fuel once per 20-25 min (after december update)

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The only items I'm using are Personal Mining Quarry 1 and the Pumpjack. Quarry placement on a Survey Hole is working as intended, and I'm not requiring a survey hole for my users to place a PumpJack.


Production for the Quarries appears to work fine, since I'm using server defaults for production.


Previously the outpot for a pumpjack was 1:1 LGF/Crude and would produce over 6500 crude/day if it had enough LGF.
I just verified the Quarry stops using LGF after 1 tick (uses 10 fuel), and the PJ after using 4 fuel, both of which are my fuel consumption in my config. 


Additional Question - when placing a Pumpjack, is there a way to show a pumpjack "shadow" (the blue part) as opposed to a large furnace?


Thanks in advance, and Happy New Years. 




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your quarry will work 22 min and 12 sec per fuel consume because of new default facepunch settings

Default facepunch values is:
"Progress points per production tick" is 7.5 by default
"Production interval (seconds)" is 10 sec
"Add progress points to reserve when consume fuel" is 1000

your jack work 500 sec per fuel consume because of your settings

i hope this formula will help you to better understand the mechanics:
1000 / 7.5 * 10 = 1333 sec work per fuel consume

pumpjack "shadow" can be placed only on survey hole, thats why we change it
but sure, you can disable "Use prefab substitution?" and it will use standart "shadow"

later i will update plugin and separate this production settings from resource settings so that you can customize the way you want

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Thanks for the explaination, got it working exactly as needed.

Looking forward to the update!

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