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Sometimes less then 1

Can't Reproduce 1.2.1

config has been checked with Jason Validator and no issues there... Ive even provided my config if you wish to check it against what ever website you wish.

My issue is that the addon gives a gem icon in your inventory but its a 0 item.... the best way I can think to show you is make a server and set the gather rate to 1/2 vanilla and go pick a pumpkin... youll get +0 pumkin seed in your inventory but cant do anything with it.... this is what this addon is doing for the first type of each gem someone gathers


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Here in this example Rust says I just gathered my 12th Obsidian but clearly only have 8 in my inventory... its not every time but sometimes it dosent give you a whole stick so the addon bugs out. Ive attached screenshots to show what I mean... also have had another player verify this isnt just me.



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You see, all new items are sticks, they just have a different skinid, because of this, the game considers it as one item and not different. I can't fix this message in any way, plugins can't control it unfortunately.

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So the size of the stack will not fix it in any way.
Until the game developers make a definition of the skin of the item and share the notifications, this will not fix it. But I think it doesn't really bother the players, they can always look in their inventory.

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