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bug with loot crates

Closed 1.0.4

I recommend running the removal command /wipeoldarena and see if that fixes the issue. If it is happening to all boxes; what loot plugins do you use?

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Cant see anything off the bat that would mess with it.

To test it, do the following:

  • Unload all plugins (o.unload *)
  • Make sure the arena is fully despawned. If it isn't, run the command I mentioned above.
  • Adjust the config of SurvivalArena so that it only requires 1 player to join ("Minimum players required for the event to proceed": 1)
  • Load EventHelper (o.load EventHelper)
  • Load SurvivalArena (o.load SurvivalArena)
  • Start the game with /survivalarena. Join the game and wait for it to begin.
  • Once the doors are open, check the loot and see if it has spawned.
  • Let me know what you find.

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