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spawn copter

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Hi, good, I have your plugin and I wanted to ask you a question and generated an npc in the piers to buy helis but the heli does not spawn for me when I buy it, it charges me well
and it doesn't give me any error
could you guide me how to do it

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Yes so stand on the pear where you want the npc to spawn type /talking_npc vehicle copter CopterGuy true

CopterGuy will be the name we are giving the npc names must be one line. so could also be Copter_Guy

once you run the command a popup should tell you to go to the spawn points and press the reload key follow the prompts for the 2 spawn points once done he whould work with out any issues.




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The window does not come out and it gives me this when throwing your command

I have used this command that the chat says

/talking_npc add CopterGuy copter true


the npc appears but does not give me the heli for the spawn point


after the command I only get this (Photo2)

Talking npc.JPG


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