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Not a Bug 1.3.5


I get this error frequently.
It seems to cause lag in play.
What should I do?


12/19 22:46:49 | Calling 'OnDispenserGather' on 'LootAudit v1.3.5' took 143ms

12/19 22:46:50 | Calling 'OnDispenserGather' on 'LootAudit v1.3.5' took 176ms

12/19 22:46:50 | Calling 'OnItemRemovedFromContainer' on 'LootAudit v1.3.5' took 173ms

12/19 22:46:51 | Calling 'OnDispenserGather' on 'LootAudit v1.3.5' took 153ms


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That isn't an error, just a notification that those hooks took extra time to complete.

Usually this is because you have granted the permission to everyone in the server thus it's logging everything everyone does, which is not how this is intended to be used, as stated in the docs.

If you want to remove the notices, don't log everyone and use it as intended.

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