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It seems as the default loot tables are a bit skewed (I purchased the bundle)
The easy bases have, for example 15,000 metal ore, 10,000 minimum. 20,000 stones, 10,000 minimum. 20,000 wood, 10,000 minimum. 
Please let me know if I'm missing something as I purchased the bundle in hopes to not have to go through 6100 lines of code for 5 different difficulties 


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Also, if you'll note here, please let me know what I could do as it seems the medium profile seems to have.. nowhere near the detail as easy and some of the others. The more I look at this, the more discrepancies I am finding

2022-12-17 17_01_26-RENDERSERVER-V2 - TeamViewer.png

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.. okay.. so.. lol

 I just found out the issue is with the Rust Server Manager. It was updating 2.6.6 of the raidable bases paid version, to 2.4.7 free version, so it was breaking the tier 3 package upgrade completely.

I don't know if this is something you/you're team works with the Rust Server Manager on, but this needs to be fixed as I went through -all- lines of code (6k x 5 variants) twice trying to solve this, so at this point the plugin tier 3 was a waste for me. 

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yes, everyone is expected to configure the plugin to their liking. every servers gather rates and stack sizes differ in some capacity, so it is literally impossible to create a one-size-fits-all package. the idea is you aren't doing it from scratch. doing it from scratch would take so much longer and i can't emphasize this enough. this is quite literally an expansion to the game so its not easy undertaking for anyone to setup on their server. it is extremely complex and the combinations of options make it unique enough for everyone

yes, there are over 600 items in the game so it's going to take a considerable amount of time to go over all of them, except that you're going to scroll past the items you deem useless. there's no easier way to do this

i do not work with Rust Server Manager, nor do I know what that is. you will need to exclude the free version on umod from updating, or request that they do so or implement a means to do so. no service of an auto updater should come without the ability to exclude specific plugins

nitpicking in general will not solve anything because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. if you feel a base is not up to par then you're free to mention the filename and ill see about upgrading it or replacing it.

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Naa, after my grumpy went away (sleep) it's not on you man. I redirected to the server manager devs, so I apologize. One of those typical "user" annoyances where they direct frustrations just kinda everywhere. I spoke with the other party and it's worked out

The plugin is great, and had this issue not have happened, the tier 3 is also incredible for the less versed/ short on time people.


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