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formal request for support

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this is simply a formal request for support for this plug-in because I was denied a review and a refund until I did so, I would like to know if you plan on adding spawns database support this plug-in simply does not work for our server we cannot have these monstrosity spawning in the middle of our monuments including our train tracks where other plugins are conflicting with this one such as armored train event is driving right through this causing train to get stuck then entities out of order error then server crash we also are having issues with the laptop computer not working and other AI killing the general I highly regret purchasing this plugin with all due respect your other plugins are awesome I own a couple but highly regret this one 

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this is simply a formal request for support for this plug-in because I was denied a review and a refund until I did so,

Well let me hurry up and reply to you so you can go give your review and request a refund. You really know how to ask for help! haha



I would like to know if you plan on adding spawns database support

There is plenty of documentation explaining how to set up spawn points or edit the existing places the plugin can spawn. As well as support that can explain how to do that. Especially if you ask nicely!



we cannot have these monstrosity spawning in the middle of our monuments including our train tracks

As I stated before when you ignored me and threatened to take the plugin to a developer on fiver, you can already configure the plugins spawn locations. There is a lot of documentation even a help guide that I wrote myself in the teams Discord. There is also the very simple ability to go into the config and remove the spawn location you are complaining about. Spend all this effort reading the support you get and doing some work yourself instead of just going from place to place complaining or making threats.



issues with the laptop computer not working

Issues with the laptop not working are config errors that are not a part of the default settings. Anything added to the laptop loot table needs added to the main config file, and an image needs added to the oxide/data/Images folder. Otherwise any other issues with the laptop are a result of breaking the config.



other AI killing the general

If you have plugins configured to allow NPCs to kill each other then that's your servers settings. This does not happen by default not even animals target him. We are willing to help but the issue is again on your end and all you want to do is throw a tantrum every time something doesn't go your way or just complain until someone does the work for you.


Any other threats questions?

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you know what you are totally right jbird I will definitely try to be a lot nicer to the developers seeing as you guys are the ones that develop awesome plugins for Rust servers the one thing I will say when spending $45 I definitely expected this to have spawns database  I paid a sizable chunk of cash for raidbases bases but that plugin came with spawns data the same with most of the plugins I have purchased have made sure to include this I would definitely recommend it possibly is a future feature sorry for coming off as a jerk the only reason I did was because I have an issue with the Buyer's Protection and refund policy here but it is still not an excuse to take it out on you so for that I apologize as far as Outsourcing to Fiverr that was not a threat we just have not been able to find someone that's able to do the work yet if we successfully get the feature added maybe we can share some example code.

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when spending $45 I definitely expected this to have spawns database

Cost has literally nothing to do with what the plugin includes. Read the description, period. The description has what you need and if a spawns database was that important you should have asked when you didn't see it in the description, before purchase.

You should take it upon yourself to read first and ask nicer if you want to suggest things, also understanding that the developer (and their support) have every right to say NO. Especially in a case like this where the plugin was written entirely from scratch to be able to work on its own, and feedback or suggestions are taken from within the community. Especially when the plugin has the ability to have custom spawns and you're just either not understanding that or not wanting to hear it and want to use some other familiar plugin instead.



I would definitely recommend it possibly is a future feature

Recommendation noted, will talk about it with KpucTaJl when we talk again next soon.



Outsourcing to Fiverr that was not a threat we just have not been able to find someone that's able to do the work yet

Buying a file does not mean you have the right to take it anywhere you want, or give it to whomever you want. How do we know the integrity of any of the people you are going around and asking or offering the file to? How do you know they won't go and leak that file or do something malicious with it before giving it back to you? None of this idea is good at all so if you decide to pursue it, go for it, but don't mention it to me again or I will escalate it, or just issue you a warning myself on the site because you're admitting to trying to take the file somewhere and give it to someone who hasn't purchased the file.

If you had a developer that worked for you, sure you guys can play with it and do whatever for your personal use, but if the moment you run into an obstacle, you decide to offer the file to others to work on even though mind you, the plugin can do what you want you just haven't listened or don't understand yet. The plugin can do custom spawns it just doesn't worth with spawns database and it doesn't say that it does. So you really don't have a leg to stand on in that debate and since you just go to bad reviews, refunds, or taking the file to others, who would really even want to help you at the end of the day?

I appreciate the apology and I'm not trying to be a complete dickhead but I am also not gonna sugarcoat things especially to someone who has had similar issues in the past with over reacting and not asking the proper way for support or to offer suggestions. (Among other things not dragging any additional drama into this support request).

Please know that I am here to help but not if you're going to just ignore that help or any of the other stuff that went on recently.

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First of all I have not passed the file onto anyone an "WILL NOT SHARE IT" I said it was an idea to get help from a dev so calm down second of all there is a whole lot going on malicious crap on this website there is absolutely zero protection here for buyers I know not to give out files because it's considered a leaking by  "CF" standards so relax I have no interest in keeping, leaking, sharing this file I'll just chalk it up to a bad buy as far as you saying the plug-in is okay in its current state it is not. it is not my responsibility to fix plug-ins  update plug-ins or be the middleman for you guys not to sound like a "dick head" myself but i owe 0 loyalty here I am a purchaser of a product that you guys offer for sale plain and simple and I don't really want help I want a refund how do I start that process. I have done absolutely nothing wrong I did not share the file distribute the file leak the file sale the file or even keep the file in my humble opinion it is a L we have 0 use for it speaking of that are you the developer? 

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In this same "support request" you've discussed not being able to find a dev to work on it, then turned around and said that you won't pass the file on. Not sure how a dev would work on the plugin unless you share the file. Digging that hole deeper.

As far as all the things you are saying are happening here on the site, I'm not sure who would continue to purchase plugins from a site if they are truly having those types of issues. It seems to me that if you hear something you don't like you just make claims, deny everything, and make demands on what you expect moving forward. Let me guarantee you that the world doesn't work like that. But good luck if you want to continue to stick to those tactics.

Codefling standards are on point with any company that has digital goods for sale like this site does. So you can tell me to calm down and relax all you want to but I've told you multiple times that you can do exactly what you are trying to say that you can't do with the plugin. Beyond that it functions and it is a digital purchase, all sales are final on digital purchase most places you go.

The plugin is okay in its current state. It functions as intended, as described, and as shown in the video.

You can customize the spawn points.

Directions are given in the description. I even wrote a helpful guide and shared in the Mad Mapper Discord.

You can remove current spawn locations that you don't want.

Nobody has asked you to fix anything. Just configure it the way you want to. Everything you've complained about is fixed by following directions and configuring the plugin. You may owe us no loyalty but you do have to abide by the expectations and policies. If you don't like them there are other places that you can get Rust mods.

You can ask for a refund if the plugin doesn't function as it is intended to, or if you are getting no support. You don't get to ask for a refund just because you want the plugin to be rewritten for you to force compatibility with other plugins. I suggest you review the refund policy.


If it is an L then take the L and drop the whole exaggerated drama.

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