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Plugin installed does not let me spawn dealer

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I just purchased your plugin and installed it on my server, i have Image Library installed as well. When im in game with auth2 i can not use any commands. is there a shortname for the vpn / weed seed / cocaine seed? and is there anything ive done wrong? uploaded them to the correct folder restarted my server there is a config file and a cs file but in game nothing works.

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i reinstalled it, it now gives me the vpn item + allows me the spawn the dealer however when i try to change it from economics to scraps it doesnt work, and when i try to purchase seeds they do not deliver. is there an issue with swapping it to scrap as cost?

I vpn works + dealer spawn + stuiff is listed as scrap but when i go to buy seeds nothing happens i have 2k scrap on me it is set to 40 per seed image.thumb.png.4612f01cf5991e0baa79c84e6971c865.png


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