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Bots are all Scarecrows or Scientists with kits

Pending 2.1.2

Hi, I just updated BotSpawn (it had been a while) and with a new profile and new kits all my bots are scarecrows or scientists.

I can see some wearable items on the scarecrows like gloves and shoes but for the most part they are full Wizard of Odd.

The scientists just aren't picking up their attire kit at all, but they are picking up the weapons.

Is this a known issue, any solution, workaround?

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First thing I would do is strip your character completely then redeem on of your new kits, to make certain it definitely has all the items you think it has.
It's so easy to forget to do the `/kit items` command, so ending up with empty kits is pretty common.

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I've tried the kits and they seem fine - and I can see aspects of the kit in the shots above; like the leather poncho in the top image and headscarf in the second - just seems like the base NPC always seems to be a scarecrow when I set murderer to true. Which is weird...

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