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not working at all

Closed 1.3.1 1.4.0

plugin not working at all this wipe. type commands in and chat box vanishes with no error message or vehicle.

does not recognise plugin on perms manager or console either

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Sorry but I am stuck with the same issue: does not recognise plugin on perms manager or console either. I am on version 1.4.1

Thx for your help

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I have not had this issue myself but I will try my best to help.

Try deleting all config and data files for the plugin as well as the plugin itself, download a fresh copy and drop it into your server, look at the console and see if it says that the plugin was loaded or if it says any problems with loading the plugin.

I have not used perms manager either but could you paste the commands you have tried in the console?

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Hello HexOptimal,

Thanks for your answer.

I completely removed the plugin/config/data files. Load the plugin agin. (Spawn Modular Car plugin is installed too)

As I con't find the buton police vehicles into Perms Manager, I enter into the F1 console I type "PoliceVehicles.use Tof" folowed by "PoliceVehicles.unlimited Tof" (without the " ") .

Then I try to spawn a car with the chat command "/policecar". The answer I get is "You do not have permission to use that command".

As it seems to be a permission issue, I am not sure I give it correctly.

I hope it give a better view of my issue.



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