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Date not updated on wipe

Can't Reproduce 1.0.1

Hi @Neko

I think there is a bug?
I full wiped my server today, (deleted all .db .map .sav files.)
And the title of my server didn't update with a new Just wiped or date informations.

Data in WipeSettings.json

  "Last Wipe": "03/12/2021 08:24:06"


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Hey there,

This plugin uses the OnNewSave hook from uMod, and if that fails to be called for some reason then unfortunately the plugin won't work as expected.


Personally, I've never experienced the hook not calling after deleting all of the files you mentioned. 
It's possible this is a one-off issue with Oxide, but as a temporary solutiom you can manually alter the data file's last wipe date and reload the plugin

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Have done some testing I think the problem is that the plugin doesn't overwrite/delete the old datafile.
Because if I delete the data files, and restart, the plugin it works brilliant 🙂

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