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Hey. Maybe just a small oversight here, but it doesn't appear that the plugin is talking to the language file correctly. If someone tries to initatiate a trade with someone that does not have the use permission it's not translating to the language file, intead it's printing to chat


I can see a trade_nopermission entry in the language file that states : "{0} does not have the permission to trade." but the plugin isn't calling to it

Obviously not the biggest problem in the world, but i'm trying to make my server be all fancy pancy so i want to be able to edit the message that it shows. 

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I fixed it in the .cs file by removing the "Trade" in the language call for incoming trades and changing it to trade_nopermission so that it links up with the lang file properly. But i'll leave this up because ya might want to fix that up for a future release. 

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