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This Machine Requires Fuel to Operate

Work in Progress 2.0.0

Finding the above message when trying to start up the quarreis/pumpjacks today. Both static and placed entities. I've completely resinstalled and cleared the config with the same results. We've not had any updates or changes since yesterday so this seems impossible on my end but looks to have happened anyways.
Uninstalling the plugin results in everything working normally, so I've assumed there's something here we can do. 


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Just wanted to ping this in case it didn't notify the author. I do understand this is undergoing changes/possibly a rewrite, so no pressure, thank you, and take your time! ❤️

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I haven't heard back on this but I've removed these lines from the plugin to remove the error. Trying to start a Quarry or Pumpjack without fuel doesn't seem to be harmful without these so I don't know why we needed these lines. I wasn't sure if the HasFuel Bool was hooked up to anything else so this seemed the optimal patch for now.

            if ( !HasFuel ( quarry ) )
                DirectMessage ( player, "This machine requires fuel to operate." );
                quarry.SetOn ( false );

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i having fuel issue aswell if i put in 1 diesel fuel it takes it sometimes and wont start if i put in say 100 it works but now its got no output

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also the output of the quarry is broken random output some only sulfur some stone and sulfur with question marks on the metal and hqm. normally all materials when its working thanks Raul

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How's that rewrite going? With the new fix for September's compiling issue the plugin still has all previous issues. I am still seeing players unable to use their fuel in quarries or pumpjacks until I've made my own edits in the .cs~

Really hoping we haven't just been letting this sit for half a year.. Out of the box it's not functioning at all guys!

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