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Plugin compatability?

Not a Bug 2.2.73

Does this plugin work with Server Rewards or other economy plugins?  How can I achieve players getting access to a Command after accumulating money rewards?  Like I want players to get money for NPC kills and then they can use callheli plugin for a personal heli.  So I would need to charge a player money for typing /callheli.  Could you tell me which plugins this works with to make that possible?


Great plugin btw thank you!

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From the description:

Use Scrap, Server Rewards or Use Economics (set only one to true)

This plugin will reward the player (and penalize if configured to do so and the currency is Server Rewards or Economics).  For scrap it only does rewards, no penalty.  I added scrap for servers that want to have minimal rewards, but still encourage player behaviour.

It does not duplicate any of the commands provided by Server Rewards or Economics as that would be redundant and could confuse players.

It does not support commands as a reward, I use Kill Streaks and my Server Rewards store for that.  I sell all sorts of rewards in the store via the currency the players accumulate.  The idea is they gain currency to spend in the store which on my server includes Heli calls.  I am happy to share my Server Rewards setup so you can use it as an example, just PM me on Discord and I will share the JSON files.

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