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?Not Working

Closed 2.1.11 2.1.12


Hello my friend

The hud is not working correctly, Not showing RP amount,  grid position and time.

I tried to remove it and reinstall

remove the config and remake

I installed one previous version I found on my files 2.1.3 and all come back normally 


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1. Do you not display RP with a large number or with any?
2. "If the figure in the player’s position is displayed not correctly change to True": false, (in config file)
3. what's wrong with time?

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Hello my friend i don't know when I installed the previous version it worked normally.

after I installed the last version and had the same problem.

At last I left the previous version and all are working normal


I don't know with the last update I had many problems

maybe is the oxide i don't know

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Failed to run a 1.00 timer in 'Hud v2.1.12' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)
  at Oxide.Plugins.Hud+<OnServerInitialized>c__AnonStorey2.<>m__0 () [0x00000] in <da102a6de336452abb66e8e98698e3df>:0
  at Oxide.Core.Libraries.Timer+TimerInstance.FireCallback () [0x00018] in <bae5f1223fce49c493b01571c99dce02>:0

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