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TruePVE + RaidableBases

Closed 1.0.9

So as I told You, I tested this with TruePVE and RaidableBases

This plugin is awesome, but it needs to be more compatible for PVE servers. So there are options which it overriding and deals damage to structures and vehicles etc.

If I turn it off in Config file - it handles it but the missiles becomes useess for server because it stops working at RaidableBases domes.

It would be great if you handled this compatibility so config file was not major if you are using TruePVE and it could follow the rules of pve plugins keeping it's settings in custom domes such as Raidable Bases or other events where damage is allowed.

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Hi. Compatibility with other plugins is optional and mandatory. I don't have the ability to check compatibility with all plugins, if you have suggestions to improve my plugins, let me know in a private message. I will try to make my plugins better. Please describe what exactly you want to add to me in private messages

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