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Mapwipe after restart

Closed 1.2.1 1.2.3


I started your map yesterday and I really like it. I already got 7 positive comments for your map on my server.

Unfortunately after the scheduled server restart the map was completely empty and 8 small bases disappeared.

First thing I tried was putting on another map and deleting the map specific addons (flyhack and crane).
This worked fine so I tried the V1.2.1 version instead of the V1.2.2 and this also worked... But I recognized that I forgot to put the addons back in (flyhack and crane). As soon as they were active and I restart the map was wiped again (I had a test building that disappeared).

It seems like one of this two addons could cause a mapwipe after restart...
At the moment I don't have the addons active and it seems to work on 1.2.1.
I just hope there is no problem with flyhacks or the older map version.
Would be nice to get some thoughts 🙂



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