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Not saving to DB

Pending 2.1.4

Hello, I think the saving feature to SQL does not work for me. I see in console stuff like The_OliverT[XXXYYY] was killed by Aqua[XXXYYY] , but in Database player Aqua does not have any kill. 

And I use the playerrank.save command, but I see this row twice every time. It is normal?

[PlayerRanks] SQL saving is complete.
[PlayerRanks] SQL saving is complete.

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I am stupid. Please delete this. I turn off the Gather Stats via ingame gui inside the /pr command. I thought it is only for gathering like wood, stones, metal etc... And it turned off the system completely. Will be monitoring if everything is back to normal. Sorry about that. 

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2 minutes ago, Steenamaroo said:

All good.

Yes, two messages is correct. One for successfully saving main SQL table and one for snap-shot leaderboards table.

Oh I see thank you for clarification. 

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